Directors Meeting - March 17, 1999

YUFA Foundation

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the above Foundation was held on Wednesday March 17 , 1999 in the Committee Room (222) of Atkinson College at 3.30 p.m.


Paul Evans - President
Tiit Kodar - Vice President
Fred Morgan
Yvette Szmidt
Mary Scheepers (by invitation)

  1. Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund
    The meeting was called to consider the matter of contributions on behalf of the YUFA Trust and Foundation to the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (OSOTF).Mary Scheepers joined the meeting for this discussion. A draft letter from Mary Scheepers was considered and several suggestions were made for changes. It was agreed that Mary would draft a revised letter for the president to sign on behalf of the directors. This draft would be distributed to the directors.The directors unanimously approved the transfer of the $850,000 which had been previously pledged subject to satisfactory criteria for expenditure being established for funds to be awarded as scholarships and bursaries (proposed by Fred Morgan and seconded by Yvette Szmidt).
  2. 1997-8 Scholarship transfer
    Consideration was given to a memorandum listing nine 1997-8 scholarship winners. It was proposed by Yvette Szmidt and seconded by Fred Morgan that we transfer $27,000 to York University to fund the nine scholarships. Carried unanimously.
  3. Letter from the York Development Office requesting contribution to the Victor S MacKinnon Award
    It was agreed that the President will advise the Development Office that we are no longer associated with this award.
  4. Stan Jeffers sabbatical
    Stan Jeffers will be away on sabbatical until the end of the Summer. The Directors decided that they will not fill the vacancy as Stan has indicated he will be available to stand as a director for 1999-2000.
  5. Allocation of award money to graduate students
    This possibility was discussed and it was agreed to revisit the issue in the future. Mary Scheepers agreed to supply a letter making the case for graduate awards.
  6. Using of money remaining after awarding of scholarships
    The amount to be awarded is unlikely to be exactly divisible by the $3,000 which will be awarded each student. Mary Scheepers agreed to confirm the status of the difference in the letter she will write to us.