Minutes of Directors Meeting on Thursday May 3, 2007 at 2 p.m.

Minutes of Meeting of the directors of the YUFA Foundation, May 3 2007 at 2 pm n Atkinson 222.

Present-B.Pilkington, N.Madras, P.Evans (Chair), S.Jeffers (Secretary)

The Chair explained that the meeting was being held in response to our previous meeting with representatives of the York Foundation and Student Services and that the issues before us were-
(i) the amount of student scholarships
(ii) scholarships for part time students
(iii) support for organizations such as the John Brookes Foundation
(iv) scholarships for students whose GPA was between 80 and 84.9 %

The Chair indicated that the YUFA Trust has around $0.5 million in unallocated funds and also some $430,000 in bonds which could possibly be cashed

(i) If scholarships were increased by $500, this would entail an endowment of order $160,000 to support the increase but half of this amount would be matched by Government sources.
(ii)A motion was proposed to increase scholarships by $500-moved by S.J., seconded by N.M -passed unanimously.
(iii) Existing scholarships are entirely based on merit with no distinction made between full and part time students. It was agreed to ask Student Services as to whether part time students are indeed under funded with respect to scholarships and bursaries and if so, what recommendations would they suggest. We will also inform them of our decision re scholarships.
(iv) Support for John Brookes Foundation type of organizations.We should ask Student Services for a specific proposal.

(v) Students with GPA between 80-84.9%

We need to know how many students are in this category. It was agreed that we should request a specific proposal from Student Services with respect to these students.

It was agreed that the practice of 5 year reviews of scholarships and bursaries be continued.

The meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm