Minutes of May 2000 AGM

YUFA Foundation
Annual Membership Meeting
May 24, 2000

1. The meeting was called to order by Fred Morgan at 3:10 pm. The circulated agenda was accepted.

2. Acceptence of the minutes of the 1999 meeting moved by Joe Levy, seconded by David McNally, carried.

3. There were no matters arising.

4. Approval of the Financial Report (distributed by Phil Creighton). Moved by Walter Whitely, seconded by Tony Turritton, carried.

5. Appointment of Auditor. Moved by Walter Whitely that Phil Creighton be re-appointed, seconded by Michael Mozurkewich, carried.

6. Nominations and elections. There were no nominations from the floor. Moved by Bob Drummond, seconded by Gary Spraakman, carried, that nominations be closed. The 2000/2001 Trustees are: Paul Evans, Stan Jeffers, Tiit Kodar, Fred Morgan, Yvette Szmidt.

7. The Directors (Trustees) report elicited no question.

8. There was no other business.

9. Motion to adjourn from Michael Mozurkewich, seconded by Gary Spraakman, carried.