Minutes of May 5, 2004 meeting of the YUFA Foundation Directors

2004 MAY 5

Present: John Blazina, Paul Evans, Tiit Kõdar. 

The meeting came to order shortly after thirty minutes past twelve o’clock in the afternoon. 

First order of business was to choose the President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Paul Evans agreed to continue as President, Tiit Kõdar as Secretary. John Blazina volunteered to act as Treasurer. With the stipulation that the two absent Directors be asked to confirm these nominations (or not), John Blazina moved that nominations be closed. Seconded by Tiit Kõdar. Carried.

The minutes of 2003 April 7 Director’s Meeting were approved, John Blazina moving the motion, seconded by Tiit Kõdar. Carried.

The 2003 October 8 Annual General Meeting minutes will be presented at this year’s Annual General Meeting. Our task is to determine whether it reflects the business of that Annual General Meeting, so that they can be presented for approval by the membership at this year’s annual meeting. The only amendment necessary is to supply the missing final “e” in Walter Whiteley’s last name in Items 4, 5, & 6, where he appears as “Whitely”. In the past the annual report was drafted and circulated by the President to the Directors, and then included with the previous Annual General Meeting minutes. The meeting itself usually takes place at the same time as the York University Faculty Association’s Annual General Membership Meeting. 

YUFA Foundation Scholarships: When the Foundation contributed the York University Faculty Association Scholarships/Bursaries with matching funds from the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund bursary programme, we got a commitment from the university administration in writing that the criteria and apportionment of scholarships and bursaries would be reviewed after five years. There are now two years to go. Administration is handled by the Senate Committee on Admissions, Recruitment and Student Assistance and all financial matters are taken care of by York University. 

New Business: The York University Faculty Association Trust Trustees have agreed in principle to transfer a substantial amount to support Foundation scholarships and bursaries for Westview Advancement Project students. The amount proposed is 200,000$, which might be eligible for matching funds from the province. The Trust hopes we will split the funds 50/50 between scholarships and bursaries, as we did with the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund. We have to agree to oversee this new fund that might amount to at 20,000$ a year, with the university as usual investing, and disbursing the actual amounts with input from Westview via the YUFA Foundation. So moved by John Blazina, and seconded by Tiit Kõdar. Paul Evans has arranged to talk with the university administration about this new initiative.

There being no other business, Tiit Kõdar moved, John Blazina seconded that the meeting adjourn at fifteen minutes to one o’clock in the afternoon.

Tiit Kõdar