Minutes of the YUFA Foundation Annual Meeting - October 15, 2008

Minutes of Meeting of the YUFA Foundation held in Michelangelo’s Restaurant, Atkinson College, October 15 2008 at 7:10 pm

P.Evans chaired the meeting, S.Jeffers acted as Secretary.

1. Approval of Agenda-the agenda was approved on a motion from S.Jeffers,seconded by B.Pilkington.

2. Minutes of meeting of the Foundation Tuesday October 16 2007-the minutes of the last meeting of the Foundation were approved on a motion from L.Ripley and B.Pilkington

3. Matters arising from the minutes-there were no matters arising.

4. Approval of the Financial Report- this was approved with a minor correction on a motion from S.Dimmock, seconded by N.Madras.

5. Renewal of Auditor

P.Creighton has agreed to continue in this capacity. S.Dimmock wondered if consideration had ever been given to an alternative auditor. P.Evans commented that no complaints had ever been received concerning the current auditor. His renewal was agreed to on a motion from M.Horn and D. Cabianca.

6.Nominations and Elections-one vacancy arises due to the retirement of S.Jeffers.
J.Hattiangadi agreed to stand and a motion to close nominations passed, M.Horn moving, seconded by D.Cabianca

7. Annual Report

The Annual Report was accepted on a motion from L.Ripley, seconded by B.Pilkington.

8 Any Other Business-there was no other business.

The meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm