Minutes of YUFA Foundation Directors February 8, 2007

Minutes of meeting of Directors of the YUFA Foundation 10 am Feb 8 2007in Atkinson 223 A

Present- Paul Evans, Stanley Jeffers, Neil Madras, Beryl Pilkington

Paul Evans reviewed the status of the YUFA Foundation and YUFA Trust for the benefit of the new members and proposed the following agenda for the meeting-1. Election of Officers 2. Review of the minutes of the AGM 3. Approval of the minutes of the last Directors Meeting. 4. Appointment of Signing Officers 5. Discussion on the present status of Scholarships and Bursaries. 6. Discussion of the Annual Return.

The agenda was approved. 

1. On unanimous votes Paul Evans was elected President and S.Jeffers elected Secretary-Treasurer.

2. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Nov 10 2006 were approved on a motion from Ray Rogers with Beryl Pilkington seconding.

3. The minutes of the Directors meeting of Nov 2 2006 were accepted on a motion from S.Jeffers, Neal Madras seconding.

4. It was proposed that the signing officers comprise the President, Secretary Treasurer plus one other. Neal Madras volunteered to be the third signing officer. This slate of signing officers was approved on a motion from Beryl Pilkington with Neal Madras seconding. Ray Rogers excused himself at 10:30 am in order to attend another meeting.

5. The status of scholarships and bursaries.
Given that the scholarships had been held at $3000 for a few years, S.Jeffers suggested raising these by $500. It was generally agreed that this was appropriate but may require a joint meeting with the York Foundation to discuss the implications and indeed any other aspect of the administration of the scholarships and bursaries as part of a 5 year review which is now imminent.

6. The required personal information of the officers of the Foundation was solicited in order to comply with the requirement to complete an annual return to the government.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 am on a motion from S.Jeffers with Neal Madras seconding.