Report of Directors - May 2000

YUFA Foundation
Report of Directors - 1999-2000

This is the last year in which we disbursed scholarship funds directly to the administration for distribution to students.  In future all disbursements will be handled through the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (OSOTF). The annual amount of YUFA Foundation scholarships in 2000-1 will increase from about $21,000 to $85,000.

The profile of our donations has been much higher than in the past with a prominent photograph of the handover of our $850,000 OSOTF donation appearing in the York fundraising literature and other university publications.

The YUFA Trust took advantage of a short reopening of the OSOTF to make a further contribution of $200,000 in March, 2000, following a positive vote of Trustees at a special general meeting called specifically for the purpose.  With matching funds, this brings the total YUFA Foundation scholarships to $2,100,000.  This will cause the annual value of the scholarships to rise to $105,000 in 2001-2.

As previously decided, from now on half the funds will be distributed for scholarships as in the past except that each faculty will be guaranteed at least one scholarship. The remainder of this half of the funds will then be allocated in accordance with the number of students enrolled in each faculty.  These criteria will be reviewed every five years by the YUFA Foundation, which may recommend changes.

For the remaining half of the funds the sole criterion will be need.

Recommendations of the YUFA Foundation will be forwarded to SCARSA which will continue to have the ultimate power to accept or reject all proposed changes.

1999-2000 Directors were as follows:
Paul Evans - 209-5801 -
Stan Jeffers - 33851 - stanj@
Tiit Kodar - 33527 -
Fred Morgan - 77771 -
Yvette Szmidt - 487-6719 -