Trustees meeting on Wednesday October 18. 2006, at 4 p.m

Present: Don Dippo, Lorna Erwin, Paul Evans, Penni Stewart, Walter Whiteley

Agenda: approved as read

Action items:

1. Draft YUFA Trust Financial Statement-approved for presentation to the Trust Annual General Meeting to be held November 10, 20062. Reviewed the draft minutes of 9. November, 2005 AGM. Approved for presentation to the AGM.
a) Business arising: It was agreed that P. Evans will follow up with the foundation regarding the question of socially responsible investing.
b) It was agreed to recommend the appointment of Philip Creighton as auditor.3. The current Trustees agreed to stand for re-election. The following officers were acclaimed for 2005-6 P Stewart - Secretary, Paul Evans - Chair, Walter Whiteley - Treasurer.

4. It was noted that a joint employer-employee working group has been developing a Transition Year Project with a view to initiating the program September 2007. It is likely that the program will approach the YUFA trust for partial funding.

Meeting was adjourned at 5pm