YUFA Trust AGM 16 October 2007

1. Approval of Agenda: moved by Gary Spraakman,2nd Penni Stewart. Carried

2. Minutes of 2006 meeting: Motion to approve. Moved By Louise Ripley, 2nd John Bell. Carried.

3. Business arising. None. 4. Nominations: Paul, Evans, Lorna Erwin, Penni Stewart and Walter Whiteley will stand again. In addition, Professor Stan Jeffers has agreed to stand as a YUFA trust trustee. Approval of these nomination s moved by Livy Visano, 2nd Penni Stewart. Carried.

5. Transition Year Scholarships. Penni Stewart proposed a motion to provide the transition year program, should it be approved, with up to $25,000 per year for two years with the 2nd year conditional on evidence of future sustainable funding.

6. Scholarship Funding. A Motion to approve $75,000.00 plus $7500.00 to enable existing scholarships to increase from $3000.00 to $3500.00. Moved by Livy Visano , 2nd.Walter Whiteley passed.

7. Health Faculty Scholarship. A motion to approve an increase of $3000.00 to the Health Scholarship. Moved by Penni Stewart , 2nd Louise Ripley. Carried.

8. Appointment of the Auditor. Motion to approve Philip Creighton as auditor . Moved by Leslie Sanders, 2nd Joan Allen. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm. Moved by Livy Visano, 2nd Debra Brock.