AGM May 2001 - Minutes

2001 MAY 29

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Paul Evans, at 16:30.

1. Agenda as circulated was accepted.
2. Brenda Scott moved, Kathy Bischoping seconded a motion for the adoption of the minutes of 2000 May 24. Carried. 
3. One matter arising, a contribution towards the medical and dental benefits of retirees, was discussed in the Directors’ Report, agenda item 7.
4. The Financial Report was accepted on a motion from Michael Copeland, seconded by Michael Mozurkewich. 
5. Walter J. Whiteley moved that Phil Creighton be re-appointed as Auditor, seconded by David McNally. Carried. 
6. Nominations and elections: Walter J. Whiteley and George E. Eaton were nominated from the floor. Moved by David McNally, seconded by Anthony Wallis, that nominations be closed. Carried. The Trustees for 2001-2002 are Michael Copeland, George E. Eaton, Paul Evans, Tiit Kõdar, Walter J. Whiteley.
7. Directors’ Report: A hundred-thousand dollar contribution to the retirees’ benefit fund: Michael Copeland gave the background of the meeting with the retirees’ representatives, and the Trustees’ deliberations on the matter. An amendment was moved by Penni Stewart, seconded by Walter J. Whiteley, that the requirement for a matching contribution from York be deleted. Carried with one abstention. On a motion by Joseph Levy, seconded by Brenda Scott, the amended proposal was then put to the question. Carried.
8. There being no other business, the meeting ended with a motion to adjourn by Michael Copeland.