Minutes of October 4, 2007 Trustee Meeting

Minutes of the YUFA Trust Meeting
October 4,2007

Present: Paul Evans, Penni Stewart, Walter Whiteley Meeting was called to order at 3pm.

1 Minutes of Mar 19, 2007.

Motion to approve: moved by Penni, Walter second. Motion passed

2. Business arising

Transitional year Program donation. TYP has received approval at the university level but not yet from the Ministry. We hope to receive approval sometime in the coming year. A motion should be brought forward to propose to extend the donation to allow for the time lag.Information received suggests that part time students are eligible for bursaries and scholarships. In line with this we will ask the YUFA Foundation to consider bursaries for part-time graduate students.

3. Elections

Penni, Walter, Lorna and Paul are willing to stand again and propose that Paul continue to serve as Chairperson.

4. Annual report

Paul will prepare

5. Renewal of Broker

Scotia Macleod has sent us a new account application to update our information. Walter and Paul will continue to act as signing authorities.

6. Accounts. We have received some minor bills: ACE $5,000.00; Readers to leaders $5,000.00; Summer Arts 2006. Some question about whether we or community projects is paying for ACE. Paul to check with Brenda Hart. Motion to pay these accounts moved by Paul, second Penni.Passed.

7. Foundation Requesst

The value of our scholarships have not kept up with inflation and the Foundation has requested that we raise the funds from $3000.00 to $3500.00. A motion to this effect was moved by Walter, second Penni. Motion passed.

8. Health Scholarships
Draft letters, the first establishing scholarships for the New Faculty of Health and the second confirming YUFA trust scholarship pledge were circulated including an increase to the scholarships from $3,000.00 to $3500.00. Motion to approve Penni, second, Walter. It was noted that where appropriate the paragraph referring to “the York to the Power of fifty”drive” would be d