Glendon Senior Common Room - Proposed Summer 2003 Renovation

Proposed Summer 2003 Renovation

The YUFA Trust has received a request for funds (see below) to renovate the Glendon Senior Common Room. The Trustees have considered this proposal and propose to allocate $15,000 for this purpose. Normally a matter such as this would be brought before our annual meeting but this meeting will now take place at the start of the Autumn Term. The Trustees therefore have decided to advise the membership of their proposed allocation in this e-mail. If anyone wishes to discuss this matter we are happy to answer any questions and can call a meeting if anyone wishes, otherwise the funds will be allocated at the end of this month.

Paul Evans - 416-209-5801 -
Tiit Kodar - extn 33527 -
Michael Copeland - extn 33489 -
Walter Whiteley - extn 33971 -
John Blazina - 416-736-5134 -

Summary of Proposed Expenditure of Trust Funds

The Glendon Senior Common Room is the last remaining independent,
faculty-operated Senior Common Room at York University. It consists of
three rooms and a small kitchen. Over the past fifteen years, thanks
largely to financial support from the YUFA Trust, the Board of Directors
has been able to renovate the small dining room, the kitchen, and the main
lounge (The "Albert Tucker Room"). These renovations have helped
materially to draw faculty members to the SCR at lunchtime, and have
generated small surpluses for the club for a number of years.

We now wish to complete the final stage of these renovations by
completely refurbishing the Fireside Room, a small lounge adjacent to the
Albert Tucker Room. Many Faculty members will be retiring in the next five
years, but a good number of them wish to maintain their connection with
Glendon and York. With this in mind it is planned to refurbish the
Fireside Room so that it will be an attractive lounge for conversation and
reading. The furniture will be re-upholstered; new flooring and rugs
installed; the wood panelling re-stained; French doors connecting to the
Tucker Room installed, and a handsome set of glassed-in bookcases fastened
onto one wall. As with other parts of the SCR, this facility will be fully
available to all faculty members at York University. The cost of the
renovation is slightly over $25,000, of which $15,000 is being requested
from the YUFA Trust, $5000 will come from the accumulated surplus of the
SCR, and the rest will be obtained from other sources within the college.

Prepared by:
Prof. Ian Gentles
Dept. of History, Glendon College
2275 Bayview Ave.
Toronto M4N 3M6
tel: 416-736-2100, ext. 88251
fax: 416-487-6852