York University Foundation proposed agreement regarding proposed donations

From Jennifer Clark 8 March 2005

Attached is the revised and updated gift agreement we discussed via
telephone earlier this week. The new wording regarding matching funds is
highlighted in green.

The information crossed out is outdated. I recommend that the
unspent $10,000 donated in 2002 be spent to fund two awards to be disbursed
in the fall of 2005. Assuming that the gift is received by the Foundation
prior to April 30, 2005, funding for the four awards will be available for
the fall of 2006. This is reflected in the red text.

By copy of this message, I am asking Janet Dekau to send you the new definitions
for student awards passed by the University in January. Please let me know if you
with the student awards funded by the YUFA Trust gift to be Awards (require
recipients to have an entering average of 70% from high school) or a Bursary
(does not have an academic merit component).

I regret that we cannot guarantee matching funds for this gift. We believe
this version of the gift agreement provides the best opportunity for
securing matching funds for YUFA Trust's donation.

best regards,