YUFA Trust Fund renews support for YUFA Community Projects

YUFA Trust Fund is continuing  to support YUFA Community Projects in 2020/21 and 2021/22 with a total contribution of $200,000.

YUFA-CP Annual Report 2020-21

YUFA Community Projects is a standing committee of the YUFA Executive, facilitating YUFA’s work with community groups to promote engaged citizenship through access and equity programs, and to undertake community-based research. Priority is given to initiatives focused on improving access, opportunities, and outcomes for groups currently underrepresented in post-secondary education.

As done since 2017, YUFA Trust Fund will support YUFA Community Projects with $100,000 annually.

For more information on YUFA Community Projects, visit: https://www.yufa.ca/about-2/community-projects-02/